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Why My Cummins ISX Is Better Than Yours

Then the leader t fish speed Forks were actually little bit beefier and came down to here so this is an early fork nothing wrong with it again lots of dirt in this transmission is phone of the reasons why it didn’t spin up so well is because you could see the amount of debris and dirt in this boy now this is supposedly a new freshly-rebuilt transmission notice the quality of the workmanship these shift fork pads on the first speed gear shift fork are really really worn and then foot, in fact, the.

The fork is showing some signs of wear on it because fork pads were bad and these were never changed they were just thrown in the box like this to save money so as we can see it does indeed have a brand new OEM County gear but if you look at that magnet there on the bottom guy never took the time to clean that magnet put down here look how disgusting it is this gear box is filthy inside there’s metal-everywhere it’s got crap all over it I don’t know why anybody would even put it together but the guy did tell me hers going to put a new County gear in it and a new second gear and that appears to wit has been going on here.

It has been changed but the rest of the box absolutely Cummins ISX disgusting there’s reverse gear even though it will work sometimes will cause a little bit hard to get in gear because the teeth are so blunt and it can’t get in between these other-teeth on them on the county gear look at the dirt on this gear over here look at it from just being in here a little bit disgusting the other thing is just too is the end plate on the box is too loose it’s got a fair amount of play in it like this and if you shimmy and hear it and the reason why it sounds noisy like this is because of all the dirt that’s already in.

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How To Get People To Like Gutters Lincoln Ne

My name is mike Hansen i started roofing with a friend of mine Steve bigger backing the early s everything we did redid ourselves tried to make sure we had good quality and and all of the roofs that that we did and and had a good relationship with our clients the homeowners tried to try to do a job that they really appreciated what we would have liked done for ourselves I worked with Steve for a lot of years he passed away in with cancer or so since then I’ve been the sole owner of white castle roof Eamon you know one thing that’s been very helpful over the years it’s just the good people that we’ve hardworking.

For us we’ve added more to siding Omaha the mover the last few years and have been real successful in my thinking for what we intended on doing years ago why Castle Ruffians has been all we wanted into be I’m Jake Anson I’ve worked for a White Castle roofing for six years now and Do all the scheduling for white castle so if you need a roof done I’ll give yous call before you come over let you know what you need to do before we make it over to your house and just to prepare for us and I also look at the roofs once they’re.

Done and make sure we need good job on them and everything is done well I also work with state farm insurance we are their preferred service provider in Nebraska here and so we do quite a few risks for insurance companies like state farm if you are looking forward to doing your roof Hope to hear from you soon my name Saddam Williams I’m Judith wings we’ve been with my gutters Lincoln NE castle roofing for years I head up the repair department white castle which is snort and leeks and other things that just need to be patched non-full drift jobs.

I’m a sales associate so I mean with customers silversmiths know we used to measure roofs the old-fashioned way like by getting on top of them and using a tape measure we still do that sometimes but now we haves program on the computer that we cayuse to measure roofs really quickly so you can see here there’s couple houses all we have to do is draw some lines and we can measure the roof I know that that roof is squares as simple as that saves us a lot of time therefore saves you a lot of time a lot of monkeyshine I’m Dane and as you can see here weave plenty of different she was to choose from.

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Things To Avoid In Landscape Maintenance

As I can look landscaping a newer division for us the last five years about five years ago restarted it we do saw escapes which include plants mulching rock river beds anything to hard space such as paternosters retaining walls natural block weals do ponds and then with any of those items we maintain the mother services include aerating overeating power raking yard cleanups heads trimming edging gutter cleaning in the winter we do a lot of snow removal again when you need something for your landscape Maintenance property we want to be the main person that you call-the number one reason why people should choose us is because we want to build relationships.

A lot of people can do any type of lawn and landscaping work that we can do but we really want to build relationship we have a great customer service program we don’t always guarantee that there’s not going to reissues but we do guarantee that we’re going to work our hardest to solve those or or find a way of solving them and then we pay attention to the details everything from how our guys look how they dress how they’re trained safety how our trucks look the equipment all the way to you know the details on the yard making sure your gates closed talking to you when we’re there finding out what problems you may have had in the past with problems.

That you have now anything we can do to solve and make sure that the services is enjoyable as much as possible with you landscape and security lighting is unimportant aspect for the look and safety of your home is your house the beautiful one on the landscape maintenance company block by day and at night isa spooky one without lighting advanced electrical services can assist you with the custom landscape and security lighting needs you may have why is it-important to our landscaping and security lighting first reason is to give your home the perfect atmosphere you’ve always wanted second by adding landscaping lights you are adding value to your home so it becomes a bigger investment.

For you third lighting your home can help lower crime although lighting cannot prevent crime statistics show that a well at home is much more likely to deter potential criminals and lastly landscaping lighting.

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