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Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with Colorado Spa

Spa of just be pushed back Colorado spa for as long as possible whereas my back to school videos kind of need to be put before people start going to school so anyways I’m really sorry if you are looking forward to a birthday haul I promise that I will do one but it will just be later on so anyways let’s just get right into the video so I’m just going to keep a little running total of everything that I can fit in here just to prove to you guys of how much you can actually fit into a small bag so lets start off with the bag this bag is from target I think it’s like the brand contents or something but it is a perfect size for everything that I needed.

Colorado put in here if you have to put in more things or maybe you think you don’t need as much you can change the bag size which is very nice so anyways let’s get into it so the first thing in here is this little bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer because I think schools are kind of dirty and nasty and personally I want my hands to smell good and so I have this little hand sanitizer in there the next thing in here is this country chic lotion from Bath and BodyWorks and I don’t know about you but hands get super dry during the winter so I just thought that I would include that the next two things are mainly for before and after gym.

spa and that is just my dove ultimate Go Fresh deodorant as well as this little Ulta perfume because I personally don’t want to smell after gym and I bet you don’t want to be there the next things in here are really only necessary if you contacts and that is just contact solution and case because if something goes wrong with your contacts throughout the day you’re gonna want to take them out because it hurts the next item I keep in my little kit is just this pop-up hairbrush and a mirror that comes with the hairbrush because I don’t know about you but this is my most needed thing that my hair gets crazy throughout the day and I also like the little mirror so that you can touch up on makeup to ever but it’s very convenient and I believe I got this at.

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