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Ten Easy Rules Of Rein Keeper

Just because it’ll make it a little bit easier to braid if you don’t have one that’s alright it’ll just make it a little bit harder so Just have mine hooked up to my window ledge so once you have your sucked up iris time to start braiding and the brain we’re going to do is really really simple it’s literally just a normal braid that you would do in your own hairdo take your sections.

if you made a six strand rein then you would have two and two in each but obviously if you make made a nine like I did it we would have three so these are my three different sections what I’m going to dos I’m just going to braid normally crossing the first one over the middle taking the second one crossing it over the middle outside over the middle outside over the middle over onto the middle over into the middle into the middle and so on and so forth you just literally normal braid all the way down so once you have a braided down.

To the end it is now time to cut off your access and then burn these ends exactly like you did the top ones so I now have both of my ends burned if you would like your reins to be adjustable then you will need to get these call my buckles this just allows you to change the length of your reign if you don’t care to have your reins adjustable then you can just get normal rope clamps and you should be able to get any of these that you look hardware store tack store but if you can’t find them.

There then feel free to go online rein keeper and get them there I’m sure you’ll be able to find them then you’re going to need some sort of clamp buckle I chose the swivel snap ones just because I like how they open better than the ones you use for.

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