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How To Get People To Like Gutters Lincoln Ne

My name is mike Hansen i started roofing with a friend of mine Steve bigger backing the early s everything we did redid ourselves tried to make sure we had good quality and and all of the roofs that that we did and and had a good relationship with our clients the homeowners tried to try to do a job that they really appreciated what we would have liked done for ourselves I worked with Steve for a lot of years he passed away in with cancer or so since then I’ve been the sole owner of white castle roof Eamon you know one thing that’s been very helpful over the years it’s just the good people that we’ve hardworking.

For us we’ve added more to siding Omaha the mover the last few years and have been real successful in my thinking for what we intended on doing years ago why Castle Ruffians has been all we wanted into be I’m Jake Anson I’ve worked for a White Castle roofing for six years now and Do all the scheduling for white castle so if you need a roof done I’ll give yous call before you come over let you know what you need to do before we make it over to your house and just to prepare for us and I also look at the roofs once they’re.

Done and make sure we need good job on them and everything is done well I also work with state farm insurance we are their preferred service provider in Nebraska here and so we do quite a few risks for insurance companies like state farm if you are looking forward to doing your roof Hope to hear from you soon my name Saddam Williams I’m Judith wings we’ve been with my gutters Lincoln NE castle roofing for years I head up the repair department white castle which is snort and leeks and other things that just need to be patched non-full drift jobs.

I’m a sales associate so I mean with customers silversmiths know we used to measure roofs the old-fashioned way like by getting on top of them and using a tape measure we still do that sometimes but now we haves program on the computer that we cayuse to measure roofs really quickly so you can see here there’s couple houses all we have to do is draw some lines and we can measure the roof I know that that roof is squares as simple as that saves us a lot of time therefore saves you a lot of time a lot of monkeyshine I’m Dane and as you can see here weave plenty of different she was to choose from.

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